For 2018 The Crazy corner seed lending bank will be at the :
Fulton Library from 4pm-6pm on Mar 7, Apr 4, May 2, June 6, No date in July, Aug 1, Sept 5, Oct 3.

Oswego Library from 4pm-6pm on Mar 14, Apr, 11, May 9, June 13, no date in July, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10.

Hannibal Library from 4pm-6pm Mar 22, Apr 19, May 17, June 21, no date in July, Aug 16, Sept 20, Oct 18.

Mexico Library from 4pm-6pm Mar 28, Apr 25, May 23,June 27, no date in July, Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 24.

About Our Seed Bank

​The short story of how we ended up running a seed bank out of our Oswego NY home. My brother found online a local libray advertising a seed library, so we called to find out more info and were informed that the program was no longer active because they did not have anyone to run it. So we as a family offered to run it. After some phone calls we were able to meet with a represenative from the library and were informed that they were no longer interested in running the program and gave us their 720+ seed pakets. Now mind you I belive that the seed library is a great program, so what is one to do with 720+ seed packets? I did what most now adays would do I posted on facebook about it, and we recieved our first seed requests. 

Seed How To

  Seed List   ​​

Seeds are borrowed for free by individuals with the understanding that you will return seeds harvested from plants that were grown from the borrowed seeds.
      If unsure on how to harvest seeds you can if local give the plant, vegetable, flower, or fruit to the seed bank to harvest its seeds for donation. Or you can look for seed saving online or at You can also contact us via email [email protected] for any questions, concerns, seed availability, request seeds, or to make a seed donation, etc..
      We ask that if you use chemical pesticides not deemed safe for organic use  or chemical weed killers like round up please do not donate seeds. This however will not prevent you from being able to borrow seeds. You can look online for alternatives to most chemicals or safe chemicals to treat issues you may encounter such as weeds, diseases, or pests.

And Now for the Legal Junk:

 ​      This document is to notify you that your participation in the seed bank in any way or form is done at your own risk (for lack of a better word). The seed bank, its creators, and managers here by release all liability from all actions, claims, demands, crosspollinated seeds, or other issues that may arise from planting said seeds, to include but not limited to damage, loss, injury to one’s person, property, or other people and their property, and any other unanticipated results from the use of this seed bank.
      By excepting these seeds and reading this you acknowledge that seeds are saved at home by “amateurs” and are presumed open (wild) pollenated, and that by planting these seeds you acknowledge that the seed bank cannot guarantee any seeds purity, that seeds are GMO free, or germination rates.
      The seed bank accepts no liability for seeds that may be mislabeled, that do not sprout, or are not breed true. Please let us know if any seeds are mislabeled send email to [email protected]
                                                  Thank you and we look forward to growing with you.