Seed List

As we are just starting some seeds are very limited
  1. Green Garden Beans 52 days to maturity.
    Stringless bush variety. Early to mature. Very productive.
  2. Sultans Green Crescent Bean 75 days to maturity.
    A stringless pole bean of snap beans. Very good producer. Heirloom
  3. Speckled Cranberry Bean 60-90 days to maturity.
    Pole habit. Can be used as snap bean at 60 days, or at 80 days can be used as green shell bean or leave on vine to dry and use as dry bean. Stringless variety. Heirloom
  4. Good Mother Stallard Bean 85-90 days to maturity.
    . Pole habit. Has a creamy texture and nutty flavor, good for making soups. Heirloom
  5. Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean 56 days to maturity.
    These purple bush beans are vigorous producers. The purple bean pods will turn green after a few minutes of cooking. Organic, Heirloom
  6. Tri-Color Bush beans 55 days to maturity.
    Plants are sturdy and vigorous. Pods are green, yellow, or purple.
  7. Mix of Rattlesnake and purple pole beans 62-65 days to maturity.
    Rattlesnake pole beans make a good snap bean. Purple pole beans have a good flavor with long, crunchy, tender pods. Heirloom
  8. Emerite Pole Bean 60 days to maturity.
    Plants produce long slim pods that can grow 7-9 inches long. The beans are sweet with long pods that have a crispy snap.
  9. Mama’s Cannellini Pole Beans 85-92 days to maturity for dry beans
    Good in stews and soups. Beans have a smooth, meaty texture with a nutty flavor. Needs to be trellised. Heirloom
  10. Bean Provider 48-54 days to maturity.
    A bush and snap variety type of bean that produces 5-8-inch green pods in clusters.
  11. Bean Roc D’Or 55 days to maturity.
    A bush yellow snap bean with a buttery flavored. This compact bean is easy to grow and good in containers. Organic, Heirloom
  12. Hutterite Soup Bean 70 days to maturity.
    Has a rich creamy texture and good flavor. Bush habit. Good for soup making. Heirloom
  13. Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg Bean 85 days to maturity.
    Large tan and burgundy beans. Bush habit. Can be used as a green shelling bean or as a dry bean. Heirloom
  14. Pony Painted Bean 55 - 85 days to maturity.
    Bush habit. A multipurpose bean that can be used as a snap bean when young or at maturity as a shell bean. Heirloom
  15. King of The Garden Pole Lima Beans 90 days to maturity
    5-6 large beans per pod. Good producer. Produces until frost. Good for freezing, canning, or fresh eating. Heirloom
  16. Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean 65 days to maturity
    Brown bean with good flavor stringless when young. Use fresh, frozen, or dried for shell beans. Heirloom
  17. Purple Podded Pole Bean 60 days to maturity.
    Deep purple stringless pods that turn green when cooked. Good fresh or for canning. Heirloom
  18. Tavera Haricot Bean 54 days to maturity.
    Stringless French filet bean. Compact high yielding plants. Bush bean. Organic
  19. Lazy wife bean 80-90 days to maturity
    Pole bean. Stringless. Can be used as snap bean if picked at 80 days or let them dry on plants for shelling beans. Organic, Heirloom
  20. Christmas Lima Bean 75-100 days to maturity.
    Nutty flavor. Good in chili or with curry sauce. Pole bean. Seeds grow to size of a quarter. Good as a shelling bean or dry bean. Good producer even in hot temps. Heirloom
  21. Bountiful Bean 50-55 days to maturity.
    Stringless bush variety with broad pods. An all-purpose green bean. Good fresh, frozen, or canned. Heirloom
  22. Hidasta Red Bean 85 days to maturity.
    Half runner only reaches 3 feet. Harvest when young for snap bean, or let grow longer for shelling beans, or let them dry on the plant for dry beans. Organic, Heirloom
  23. Fiskeby Soybean 75-80 days to maturity.
    Can be used fresh or dried. High in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B1, B12, and C. May need to be trellised. Organic
  24. Agate Soybean 65-70 days to maturity.
    Good producer. Good multipurpose soy bean. Good fresh or dry. May need to be trellised. Organic, Heirloom



  1. Genovese Basil 60-90 days to maturity. Annual.
    Extra-large leaves often used in pesto’s. Slow to bolt. A type of sweet basil. Organic, Heirloom
  2. Thai Basil Annual.
    Spicy flavor with hints of clove and anise. Flowers are also edible.
  3. Summer Long Basil 60-90 days to maturity. Annual.
    Compact plant that is slow to bolt. Good for containers.
  4. Thai sweet basil Annual.
    A sweet-spicy basil. Good in Thai cuisine. Has a nice licorice taste. Heirloom
  5. True Thai Basil Queenette Annual.
    Heat loving, frost tender. Plant produces tropical looking basil with mild flavor.
  6. Profumo di Genova Basil Annual.
    Heat loving, frost tender. Disease resistant. Plant produces spicy fragrant leaves.
  7. Salad Leaf Basil Annual.
    A sweetly fragranced plant that produces large, crinkled leaves that hold their shape well. Heirloom
  8. Sweet Italian Basil Annual.
    Plant produces large fragrant leaves that makes a great pesto.
  9. Mini Basil Annual.
    A compact, aromatic mini herb. Good in containers and window boxes.
  10. Purple Dark Opal Basil Annual.
    Used to color vinegars. Has dark red stems and lavender flowers. Organic
  11. Lime Basil Annual.
    Has sweet and mild citrus taste. More heat tolerant then other varieties.
  12. Emily Basil Annual.
    A compact verity with good flavor. Leaves last longer after cutting than other types.


  1. Calabrese Broccoli
    Same as above but organic seeds.
  2. Calabrese Broccoli 60-90 days to maturity after transplant.
    Large green heads with many side shoots. Easy to grow. Mild flavor. Heirloom
  3. Belstar Broccoli 65-70 days to maturity.
    Heat tolerant. Compact plants. Medium heads with short stems that are good for crown cuts or florets. Organic, F1 hybrid.
  4. Waltham 29 Broccoli 80 days to maturity.
    Large heads with side shoots. Good for cooking or freezing. Good in the fall, cold tolerant. Organic, Heirloom
  5. All Season Blend Broccoli 60 days to maturity.
    A mix of great tasting high yielding varieties. Disease resistance. Hybrid
  6. De Cicco Broccoli 45-85 days to maturity.
    Once the head is cut will produce many side shoots. Great for freezing. Organic, Heirloom
  7. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli 59 days to maturity.
    Winter hardy. Over winter for early sprouts in spring. Heirloom
  8. Broccoli Romanesco Italia 75 days to maturity.
    Spiraling apple/lime green heads that can be eaten raw or cooked. Heirloom


  1. Early Golden Acre Cabbage 60 days to maturity.
    Early variety. Compact heads with sweet flavor good in salads and coleslaws. Organic, Heirloom
  2. Brunswick Cabbage 90 days to maturity.
    Cold hardy variety with large drumheads that store well. Heirloom
  3. Kalibos Cabbage 85 days to maturity.
    Deep red cabbage with a mild sweet flavor. Stores well. Heirloom
  4. Nero Di Toscana Cabbage 60 days to maturity.
    A loose-leaf type of cabbage that is very flavorful. Good for soups and stews. Heirloom
  5. Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage 100 days to maturity.
    Large heads between 10-15 lbs. Has good flavor and stores well. Heirloom
  6. Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage 90 days to maturity.
    Large 7lbs heads of red cabbage with good flavor. Heirloom
  7. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 70 days to maturity.
    Has a distinctly sweet flavor. Can be used for eating raw, in salads, making coleslaw, cooking, or pickling. Heirloom
  8. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
    Same as above but organic seeds.
  9. Copenhagen Market Cabbage 63-100 days to maturity
    A compact variety good for small gardens. Early ball-head that can be used either fresh, cooked, or made into sauerkraut. Heirloom
  10. Vertus Savoy Cabbage 95 days to maturity.
    Large medium green leaves with heads that range from 14 to 16 lbs. Mild and semi-sweet. Moderate storage time.
  11. Prize Chou Pac Choy 50 days to maturity.
    Celery like stalks and leafy greens good for stir-fries.
  12. Prize Chou Pac Choy
    Same as above but organic seeds.
  13. White Steammed Pac-Choy 25 days to maturity for baby size and 50 days for full size.
    Thick white stems. Used most often as baby leaves. Open habit. Spoon shaped leaves. Stems can be used as a celery substitute. Organic, Heirloom
  14. Shanghai Green Pac Choy 45 days to maturity.
    Compact plants with light green stems. Leaves are spoon shaped with wide midribs. Plant closely to each other for baby choy.

Carrots and other root Vegetables​

  1. Malaga Radish 35 days to maturity.
    Deep plum purple/violet skin with white insides. Mild and crisp. Greens can be used in salads.
  2. Dragon Carrot 65-70 days to maturity.
    Purple carrots with yellow centers. Spicy and sweet flavor. Very hardy. Does well in heavy soils.
  3. Detroit Dark Red Beet
    Same as above but organic seeds.
  4. Detroit Dark Red Beet 59 days to maturity for beets, 35 days for greens
    Very sweet. Early variety. Can be used fresh, canned, or frozen. Plant early spring to late summer. Heirloom
  5. Purple Top White Globe Turnip 55 days to maturity.
    Sweet. Has pink to purple crowns and white bottoms. Young leaves are cooked for southern greens. Organic, Heirloom
  6. Touchstone Golden Beet 55 days to maturity.
    Orange skin with yellow flesh. Keeps it color when cooked. Sweet. Organic
  7. Early Wonder Tall Top Beet 45 days to maturity.
    Slightly flat beet. Sweet. Early. Edible tops which can be used in place of spinach, kale, or, chard. Freezes well. Organic
  8. Bulls Blood Beet 40-52 days to maturity.
    Red foliage that is edible. Can use as baby beets or wait for full sized. Best flavor when harvested young. Likes cool temps. Organic, Heirloom
  9. Guardsmark Chioggia Beet 60 days to maturity.
    Candy stripped red and white. Bolt tolerant. Has good flavor. A high quality Chioggia strain. Has sweet peppery flavor. The greens of these beets are also edible. Likes cool temps. Sow early spring or fall. Organic
  10. Lancer Parsnips 120 days to maturity.
    Has a sweet nutty flavor, good for roasting, sauces, and mashing. Sweeter after cold temperatures. Topped roots can be stored for 5 months after harvested. (Use gloves when dealing with the foliage of this plant can cause an allergic reaction.) Organic
  11. Napoli Carrot 45 days to maturity for baby carrots or 55 for full size
    . Smooth blunt carrots. Gets sweeter after a frost. Early maturing. Organic, F1 hybrid.
  12. White Egg Turnip 48 days to maturity.
    Egg shaped white turnips with mild and sweet flavor. A good bunching variety. Good raw or pickled. Stores well. Heirloom
  13. Chioggia Beet 60 days to maturity.
    Light red skin with red and white rings inside. Mild and sweet flavor. Also known as candy stripe beet. Organic, Heirloom
  14. Philadelphia White Box Radish 30 days to maturity.
    Small round white radish with spicy flavor. Good for container gardening. Plant spring and fall. Organic, Heirloom
  15. Early Blood Turnip 48-68 days to maturity.
    A sweet table beat that is dark red with a slight clove aroma. Raw it has an apple like flavor with little earthy flavor. Heirloom
  16. French Breakfast Radish 25 days to maturity.
    An oblong radish with scarlet skin and a white base. Mildly spicy. Does best in cool temperatures. Organic, Heirloom
  17. Scarlet Nantes Carrot 65 days to maturity.
    Medium size carrots that are 6-7 inches long. Good for juicing. A good bunching carrot. These carrots are also good for storage. Heirloom
  18. Half long guernsey parsnip 110-120 days to maturity.
    Plant produces parsnips of medium length with thick shoulders, and smooth white skin. The flavor becomes sweeter when harvested after an Autumn frost. Heirloom
  19. Golden Globe Turnip 45-65 days to maturity.
    3-4 inches in diameter globes with a deep golden-yellow flesh that has a sweet mild flavor. Organic, Heirloom
  20. Watermelon Radish 55 days to maturity.
    These plants produce rather large turnip like fruits with green tops, a white outside, and bright pink inner flesh that is peppery sweet. Organic, Heirloom
  21. Green Top Bunching Beet 52-60 days to maturity.
    These bright red, slightly flattened globe beets are tender, and the bright green tops can grow 15-18 inches tall. A bunching beet that’s good for home cooking. Organic
  22. White Vienna Kohlrabi 55 days to maturity.
    Pale green above ground globes with crisp white flesh that has a sweet but mild flavor, reminiscent to turnips. Heirloom
  23. Burpee’s Golden Beet
    Same as above but organic seeds.
  24. Burpee’s Golden Beet 55-60 days to maturity.
    Tender and mild taste, will not bleed like red beets. Sweet flavorful leaves. Heirloom
  25. Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify 120 days to maturity.
    Long tapered root like with oyster flavor. Similar to parsnip but has a non-sweet taste. Heirloom
  26. Joan Rutabaga90-100 days to maturity.
    Has a sweet taste and can be used either in soups, mashed, or roasted. Stores well.
  27. Helios Radish 30-35 days to maturity.
    Small early sweet yellow radish. Heirloom
  28. Macomber Rutabaga 88-100 days to maturity.
    An American purple top. Heirloom
  29. Purple Vienna Kohlrabi 55-70 days to maturity.
    Has a sweet turnip like taste. Can be eaten raw or steamed. Organic, Heirloom
  30. Albino Beet 55 days to maturity.
    Sweet leaves can also be eaten. Can be used to make sugar. Heirloom
  31. Radish 22 days to maturity.
    Easy to grow. Good for salads.
  32. Danver Carrots 65-75 days to maturity.
    Seeds will produce 7-8-inch long red-orange roots. A good keeper. Has strong tops which make it easy to pull from the ground. Organic
  33. Chatenay Carrots 75 days to maturity.
    These seeds produce a beautiful deep red-orange, 5-6-inch all-purpose carrot. Have a great flavor and are crispy and tender. Good for canning, juicing, freezing, and storing. Organic, Heirloom
  34. Oxheart Carrot 90 days to maturity.
    Massive heart-shaped carrots, that can reach 1 lb. each. A large blunt carrot that is crisp, sweet, and mild. Good for heavy or shallow soils. Heirloom
  35. Cosmic Purple Carrot 60 days to maturity.
    Bright purple outside with yellow/orange middle. Has a spicy sweet flavor.
  36. National 2 Radish 25-35 days to maturity.
    Quarter sized red radish with white tips that are mild flavored and crisp.
  37. Tendersweet Carrot 75 days to maturity.
    One of the sweetest variety of carrots available. A coreless carrot that can reach 7-8 inches long. A good multipurpose carrot that is good for cooking, canning, pickling, baking, and juicing. Heirloom


  1. Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn 95 days to maturity.
    A white sweet corn with one to two ears per stalk that stores well. Heirloom


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